Hola amigos !

OK ...... this is el bavaro: Christoph Wimmer. Extroverted, versatile (interested), curious, open minded, eloquent, pigheaded, inscrutable and contradictory. (but the mostly best of him is his outsized modesty *lmao*). Once Master Craftsman in weaving, now Business Administrator, Psychometrician, Salesman and a member of Mensa since October 2001. I live in Munich (well known from the October Fest) - the capitol of Bavaria. This is a state in the South of Germany.

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But first let's start at the very beginning of all. *smile*

My partents both have been Weaving Master Craftsmen in profession. My grandfather was born in the area of Bad Aibling / Oberaudorf (near Rosenheim - half on the way from Munich to Salzburg). In 1939 he founded a weaving mill in Marquartstein, where my father was born in 1944 in the field lazarett next door. On the other hand, my mother was born in 1935 in Borna near Leipzig (former Eastern Germany). She flew in the early 50's to Western Germany, because of the communist regime in the russian occupied area of Germany.

Myself was born in November 1969 in Prien (near lake Chiemsee) as the first rung of three kids in the women's hospital of famous Dr. Lehnert. So I can proudly claim for myself, that I am the owner of one of the famous Lehnert's navel.

el bavaro - very sweet and still a quite good one ;o)

Where is that damned screw ?

Yeah ! I will be back !

After my (not very famely) schooltime, I made the decision, first to flew away from nearly 250 years of familytradition. So I joined military service for 4 years in the Bundeswehr (German Army) as a NCO (Non Commanding Officer). During that time I became the rank of a Staff Sergeant. Most of the time I spent as a howitz leader and drill sergeant in the famous Mountain Artillery Bataillon 235 in Bad Reichenhall (near the boarder to Salzburg) .

Well, ... Mountain- and Airborne Troops are very exotically all over the world . also in the german Army. But we were special. Instead of the Tankhowitzer M109 as the standard Artillerysystem, we used the Fieldhowitzer 155 mm FH70. But the Mountain Artillery Bataillon 235 was special twice, because we were also the only one, who had double weapon equiment. Additional to FH70, we had the special Mountainhowitzer 105 mm in use, which was also useable for airborne operations.

Due to the reducement of military troups in the beginning of the 90's, also my unit was dissolved in 1993. Our duty is now taken by the Mountain Artillery Bataillon 225 in Füssen (near the austrian boarder). I have been in that unit in 1992 to set up ready the 4th Battery for the AMF (Allied Mobile Forces) use of the battery.

However, afterwards I became off duty, I studied the profession of a weaver. Due to of my outstanding conclusion of my apprenticeship, I won the state mastership and so I became Bavarian State's winner in job competition in 1994. After that I got talent promotion by the German Ministry of Education and Science.

On the one hand, this made it possible for me to become very quick a Master Craftsman in weaving and on the other hand I could also start to study business administration. At least, due to that, I could now escape from the familytradition and I changed into consultancy and HR-development.

Me - my weaving loom - my Master Craftsman diploma - my state's winner diploma !

With Thomas allways at the right place !

In the end of 2001 I recieved the german licensed IHK-Trainer-Diploma for Adult Education. During the year 2001 I got to know the ThomasSystem and this was also the first time when I meet the CEO of SLG Thomas International Austria (not Australia!).

He offered me - because of my nature born sales talent *smile* - a contract for a cooperation with him. So I started training to become a Psychometrician in using the ThomasSystem. Since September 2001 I am a salespartner of a worldmarket leader in psychometric systems for HR-development here in Southern Germany.

Psychometrician is still a non-known jobdescription in the german spoken area yet, so I used to say that I am an HR-Development Consultant.

As Thomas International UK decided to reorganize the german market, I started to develop a Thomas Team and negotiate to become a Distributor for whole Bavaria. On 1st April 2004 Thomas International Services GmbH started in Munich.

Everything will draw to a close - also the time at Thomas ended. Only 10 days after our parting the CEO of ce Global Sourcing AG called me to hire at his company at the end of November 2006. Since then I took over a place as a Key Account Manager at Europes 1st Chip-Broker. Founded in 1976 as ce Consumer Electronic this company is well known within the Electronics Industry.

ce Fair Stand at the historical Party Convention of Bavarian Conservative Party (CSU)

Where have I seen this picture before? *muse*

What else to know about me? Well ...... yes! My marital status: not married, not divorced, no girlfriend, no boyfriend too, no kids, not pets. *laugh*

But therefore I am a very proud godfather of my neace Theresa. She is the daughter of one of my sisters and she is a real cute one - isn't she? She is still a good kid - but in the kindergarten, she already wraps the boys around her little finger. So i think her mother Carolin will have a lot of fun with her, even when Theresa will become a teenager. So Carolin will per for all her sins she has done when she was daughter. *laugh*

My hobbies are: Mensa in Germany of course, cooking, dancing, going out, cinema, musicals, playing backgammon - and since recently, I felt in love with the fascinating asian board game named Go. I am also very interested in recently (german) history. Especially I take highly interest in the era from the end of 1918 up to 1925. This means the unrests in Germany and Europe after the of World War 1. Therefore I collect all pictures, postcards, documents I can get.

Also I am a collector of orders and medals from the german Emperor era - with the special field of Bavaria of course (from the beginning into the present time). To bring more people to interest themselves in medals and orders is the reason why I am member in good standing in the German Medals and Oders Collectors Society (Bund Deutscher Ordenssammler - please have a look at my linksite). Together with a second member I organise the setup of the local collector's group in Munich.

No fear ! I don't wear this glasses no more.

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